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Ski poles on roof rack

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So this may seem like a really random question.


I recently invested into a roof rack and love it so far but my only question is, does anyone put their ski poles on the roof rack as well?? I don't see anyone doing it.  Is there a reason for that?

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for me, the straps flap in the wind and bang against the roof. if not secured in the rack, or if they wiggle free the clips COULD ding the roof... they're an easy fit in most trunks. also, 2 poles take up about the same space as a ski, for 2 sets of poles, that's another set of skis in the rack.
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I put mine in the rack. Straps don't flap because i shut the rack over them.

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I used to put mine in the rack (straps under an arm) but they fit the back of my current vehicle so I haven't been lately.
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Skis in the rack, poles in the trunk. I need rack space for my skis.

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I put the poles in the rack. You can clamp down on the straps to stop flapping.

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