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you need to add this:

But it requires some explanation that this is really just for Glasses wearers and not for (properly functioning) ski goggles.

We'll get it up in stocking stuffers and alter the description!



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Originally Posted by raytseng View Post


Regarding the zippo and similar catalytic heaters.   I actually bought this unit, which is deluxe korean take of same concept except with electric starter.



It has some problems for skiing.  The main reason is oxygen.  The fuel just evaporates out from a wick, but the catalytic processes still needs sufficient O2 to create heat as the fumes go past the element. They start getting starved of O2 around 6000 feet.   I've experienced the same with certain packs of grabbers too, didn't do anything on the slopes (even at the high camp lodge where you're out of the elements.  Only when you get down to the base lodge then the sucker finally starts kicking in and heating up.


Then there's the issue of where you're going to keep it so it gets some air flow, but not exposed where the heat just leaks away.  This typically means inner jacket pocket but it's not getting much air in there..

Which brings up last issue is in the oxygen poor environment, it cannot always fully combust the fuel, so there are fumes even when using the recommended zippo premium fuel.  So if you've got it in an inner jacket pocket, those fumes chimney up directly into your face which can affect you a bit-even when using the premium fuel.


Unfortunately, i think to account for the high altitudes the electic usb might be the best solution; or the grabbers/hothands if you don't get a bum pack (unfotunately somewhat wasteful in resources)

Thanks for the details. I wouldn't have thought of the altitude problems, but that makes sense. Guess maybe it's a better gift for low-altitude skiers. 


I'll add that I've never used that or any hand warmer - my hands don't run cold. I do have a new rechargeable lithium-powered hand warmer set that I'm going to test out. Sounds like that might be a better option (though not as stylish an accessory as a Zippo : ). I agree with your list, too, especially the DryGuy - love mine. 


"Ski gifts" always sound a lot cooler than they are in reality. The things that make for a cool article are all overly expensive, of questionable utility, or probably both. The things that are really useful aren't that exciting to give or get and don't make for much of a "best gifts of 2015/16" list. Had a pair of the latest Recon ski goggles last year, and while they look awesome on paper, I rarely had any desire to use them - heavy, the lens selection is poor and limited to bright-day tints, and I'd rather just ride than fiddle around with electronics all day. 


Does anyone have a nice ski multi-tool? Those make a cool gift and are actually useful, but I don't know any models to suggest. I use a Brooks-Range one from a couple years back, which I like, but they stopped making it. 

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I usually load my gift list with tuning tools, but I feel like I've got most everything now. In the past, I've gotten skis every second Christmas, but we had so little actual powder least year, my oldest skis (the pow skis) hardly got any use, so they're good for another season. At least I can hope to demo for next year, I guess.

And the car I want isn't available yet in the US. Plus I'm not sure I want it now...

It's like the older I get, the less I need.
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For stocking stuffers you might think about ski boot sole protectors.  Attached when walking  thorough the ski parking lot or up metal stairs etc., they reduce wear on ski boot soles which, if excessive, can affect proper binding release. They also provide much better traction when walking on icy surfaces than hard plastic boot soles.

The links below offer different sole protector designs at different prices.


There have been a lot of great gift suggestions in this thread so far. Now it's time for all of us remain "nice" and not "naughty" at least until after December 25th.;) 

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Originally Posted by cantunamunch View Post

Not to knock the product, just the price, I found tech wash to be super expensive-especially when you read that the instructions call to use 5oz per load which is half the small bottle.


Recently I picked up a bottle of the nathan sports wash which used to be penguin sportswash from REI which calls to use for 1oz per load.


I'm sure there are also other more niche products that true ski bums (or avid adventurers) have found as even cheaper alternatives or home-brew wash solutions as well, and probably discussed in a past thread ad-nasuem before :)

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Guess these Vargo Titanium Cleats won't save your sole much, but they do look pretty like sweet, pocket-sized traction enhancers


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Something like this:


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I suggested to my two daughters that if they loved their dad they would by him the new Rossignol Pursuit MIPS helmet ( my 1st helmet ).The big one said it should be here any day.Yea!

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Thread Starter 

Thanks again everyone for your contributions! Published our guide just over a week ago:

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Another inexpensive Christmas stocking stuffer for those who enjoy tree skiing or sometimes ski in whiteout conditions  you might consider an emergency whistle for yourself and your skiing buddies which can be purchased at backcountry focused ski shops, REI, and  likely dozens of other places. Briefly, One blast of the whistle means “Where are you?”.  Two blasts  is a call-back signal which means “Come to me.”  Three blasts of the whistle means “Help me!”  It's best if you keep your skiing partner always in view but sometimes things don't go as they should and cell phone reception is not always a given.

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Originally Posted by goranmilos View Post

Something like this:


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So...  what is this?  I'm looking for ideas for my "gadget guy"!

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A vaporizer.
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Smart wool ski socks , you never gonna have too many socks
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