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Sit Ubu sit!

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You've heard Ubu on TV shows like Family Ties and Spin City (if you listened to the credits). You've heard golfers beg their golf balls to "Sit .. Sit!". Now you can have a golf ball that obeys your commands(*). It's the UBU! Now you can tell your golf ball to "Sit, Ubu, sit!" and when it does you can say "Good dog!" Ubu can be trained to obey any 3 letter command. Besides "sit", Ubu can "gee" (turn to the right), "haw" (turn to the left) or "G'in" (as in go in the hole). Ubu performs best when you say the command twice with Ubu's name in the middle and give him praise when he performs the trick correctly. Please do not ask Ubu to "bite"!


Ubu is named after Gary David Goldberg's dog Ubu Roi. Ubu Roi was named after the play Ubu Roi which was the precursor to the style of play "Theater of the absurd". Since this idea is absurd, it kind of fits, no?


The pic above is from the first prototype batch. If I ever get to the point where I actually sell these things, then all profits will go the charity of choice for the estate of Mr. Goldberg (rip and TBD). For now this is just a gag. If I was going to sell them, I have a dilemma. The only blank golf ball I can get the logo printed on is a Wilson (the ball Tom Hanks plays of course), which is not a high performance ball. It's going to be hard to get that Ubu to actually sit. I can get regular balls made with the Ubu logo, but they would have to sell for a premium to generate money for the charity (e.g. a dozen pro V1s would have to go for $50 vs $40).. I'm going to spend the winter mulling over what to do next, but feedback and/or suggestions are most welcome.





* not really

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