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18 degree 3 wood

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I've been watching Hank Haney's free videos this summer. He's been pushing the concept that most amateurs should be hitting an 18 degree 3 wood because they can't get their shots off the fairway high enough with their "old standard" 3 woods.  I love my G10 14 degree 3 wood. I can get plenty of height on the ball at the range, but I've had trouble hitting it consistently off fairway lies. It has not been a big deal because for most of my 250 yard plus shots I was happy to lay up and have a wedge shot to create a birdie opportunity. That's the smart play right? I can hit my 18 degree hybrid 240 on a good shot, but play it for 220. But as I lowered my handicap this summer I was getting more opportunities in the 220 plus range where I was wishing I had a club that would give me a consistent enough shot to go for it. I was thinking to get a 3 wood head shape and an 18 degree loft, with a driver length shaft made up, but I found a Callaway X2 hot 17 degree 3 wood for $80 and decided to give it a try. I've had it in the bag for 3 rounds now and have decided Haney may be on to something.  It's much too short off the tee to replace my regular 3 wood, but by choking down on the shaft I can use it to replace my 18 degree hybrid. I've had a few miscues with it, but I've hit enough good shots that I think Haney may be on to something.


Has anyone else been experimenting along these lines?

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I used to carry a 3w & 5w back in the day.  I have a 19degree hybrid that fills that spot now.  I've played with a guys that carried several woods (3w, 5w, 7w) because he struggled with his long irons but had a grooved wood swing.   If you are looking for a consistent 220 shot I'd say hunt for a 5w that you feel good about.  I'd also say practice taking 3/4 swings with your woods and see if you can fit an existing club into that 220 yrd shot.

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I had the 220 distance with my 18 degree hybrid. If everything went perfect I could even hit it 240 with that club. I can reach 250 with my 3 wood off the tee, but I can't hit it reliably from the fairway over 210 yards. What I wanted was an ability to reliably hit that 240-250ish distance from the fairway and light rough. The basic difference between the woods and the hybrids is the woods have a longer shaft. In essence what I've done is replace the hybrid with a 5 wood, except I've got a 3 wood length shaft. My mishits so far have come from experimenting with 3/4 swings and gripping down on the shaft. I expect with more experience swinging the club, I'll be able to dial in various distances. This past week the full swing was only going 230, but the temps were low and every club was playing 1 short. I'm declaring my experiment a personal success and wondering if others have considered the same thing vs the traditional advice you have noted above.

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I've played around with the hybrids a lot and other than out of the rough where I think they excel, I can't hit them like I can my woods.

I carry both a 5 & 7 wood which I can hit from 240 to 180 depending on lie, wind, slope, etc.
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