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A buddy of mine gave me an old pair of Salomon Scream 10 XTRA-HOT skis.  The Skis are in mint shape and have seen very few days.  The problem is that he took the bindings off to use on another pair of skis (which is probably telling - as I recall the Pilot system was panned in it's day:)).  In any case, I'd like to use the Screams for early season conditions and am looking for bindings.  What I'm not sure of is if there are special bindings required to fit the pilot plates - the 'pilot' plates are no the integrated ones - or will any typical Salomon (or other?) binding of similar vintage work - like S912's or S914s or ??  Based on some reading that I've done, I guess I could pull the pilot plates off and just mount regular bindings and that might be a better options even if I do find some pilot bindings.  Anyway, any advice appreciated.  Thanks.