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Thinner Footbeds?

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Hi Everyone-

After years of uncomfortable boots, I got a pair of Fischer RC Viron 125's with Intuition liners fitted by George McConkey at McCoo's in Whistler.  Huge improvement! However, toward the end of the day, even these get pretty uncomfortable.  I've taken to pulling the footbeds around 2pm, throwing on an extra pair of socks, and cranking them down.  However, as I'm sure you can imagine, skiing without footbeds isn't ideal.


Anyway, is finding thinner footbeds a good solution? Any advice on aftermarket footbeds?  Should I try and remold the intuition liners, and if so, any advice on that?  


Looking forward to your thoughts.

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your boot fitter should be able to give you options on thin footbeds, for thin OTC insoles there is Superfeet Carbon or Black trim to fit, the thinnest custom product i ahve seen recently is the modulo racing from sidas which is about 2mm thick in the forefoot 

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grind what you have thinner?

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