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Beginner AT bindings

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Looking for some advice. I am entering the world of AT and am looking for some binding advice. I've done some research and I can get good deals on the G3 Ion or G3 onyx. 


I've read the reviews of both and was wondering which users here recommend. I will most likely be skiing laps on a local hill (Tumalo Mountain) or other local options with a few days of inbounds skiing on groomers.


I am not particularly aggressive or big (160lbs)


I like the idea of being able to move the onyx bindings between skis but I think installing quiver killers could do the same?



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Ion with QK. Ned

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Only get the Onyx is a killer price (having to hold down toe jaws on entry is a PITA). Otherwise, G3 Ion, Dynafit, Fristchi Vipec etc.... all good AT bindings.

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