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Boot Fitting Banff

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Hi, I'm hoping to get some more recent recommendations for the name and store of a good boot fitter located in Banff, Alberta.

I'd also appreciate any advice for the types of things I should be asking/looking out for when purchasing and getting fitted for ski boots.

Thanks in advance

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When I spent a winter ski bumming Banff in 1974, Monods on Banff Avenue was the leading ski shop. It is still there today and likely is still the leading ski shop in Banff.


Lou Rosenfeld has a ski shop in Calgary and has probably been fitting ski boots starting before the OP was born.

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mtnlion who posts more over on TGR than here is a boot fitter in Banff with an excellent reputation.

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And.. Paging @mntlion
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Call Soul in Banff and make an appointment with Dave (Mntlion). He was out of town for a few days, but should be back tonight. Tell him I sent you.
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I'm back at work this week at Soul.   Stop by.

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