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Ski length?

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Hi, I just purchased a pair of Dynastar Speed 63s. I bought them long as I do not want to grow out of them too soon(I'm 15). I'm 5'7 and the length of the skiis are 170cm. I knew they would be slightly too long for the first year or so, but did I go over the top? Are they going to be impossible to ski for the time I'm about this height? Also does anybody else have a par of these? What do you think?
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These reach just about to the top of your head, right? I think you're gonna love 'em!
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Ski, my man :
how many lbs do you weigh?
"if i stood on your back, how tall am I"?
the weight of the skier plays more of a factor.
in the length than the skiers height.
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Paul is right about weight, but just in general, I am only 5'6" and about 145 and skied 4 demo skis last year all between 168 and 173 and had no problems, but I was brought up on the long straight skis. Probably some of the real regulars on this sight can tell you particulary about the dynastars.
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I weigh about 125. They should be a little long at first, but just how much excess ski will i have at first? anyways, these forums are nice... i didnt know that any had this many people posting them, especially out of season. everybody here is real helpful
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Well, Ski, let me revise my previous statement a bit - your weight definitely is going to be a factor, but only one factor. Some other factors are your strength, the particular skis themselves, and the way you ski. For example, I stand 5'8" and weigh in at about 150 [depending on the scale used]. I'm sixty years old, and I'm a so-so skier. Usually, rather than ski fast, I like to make a lot of turns and enjoy variable terrain such as lumpy, twisty stuff in natural ungroomed snow. My Rossignol Bandit XX skis are perfect for me in 170, but that same model is HORRID for me in 177. However, the Rossignol Bandit X is a narrower ski than the midfat XX, and I need to go as long as 177 in that to feel comfortable. In "shorty slalom" skis, I'm comfortable on 160 if the ski is Rossignol T-Power Viper but must go to 167 if the ski is the softer flexing T-Power Cobra X [current model]. The T-Powers are made to be skied shorter than "normal".

Since the skis you've purchased are fairly narrow as today's skis go, and since they're pretty good short turners on groomed snow, their length will be less of a problem for you than if they were wider - in other words, the narrowest part under the boot on your skis is 63 millimeters wide, while the narrowest part under the boot on my Bandit XX's is 74 millimeters wide. My ski will float better in deeper snow, while your skis will turn more easily on groomed snow. So overall, especially since you'll be adding some weight as you get older, these could work out to be a lot of fun for you. The best advice: Since you already bought the skis and they're no longer a question, get lessons from a certified instructor.

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true, they are narrow and may not float well in powder, but i seldom ski in anything more than 5 or 6 inches deep so thats not a problem. i love to carve... but i dont stick to either short or wide turns. i vary everything, and since dynastar advertises these as a good ski for both, i thought these were a good choice. i guess they will take a lot of getting used to at first for the moguls and such, but once ive grown a little and have gotten used to them, i think theyll be pretty good. i cant wait to get out on the slopes... the skis are sitting right next to me, and look so inviting. only a few more months...
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