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Hello everyone! I'm a beginner-ish skier looking into buying a pair of used skis for this season as a cost-effective alternative to rentals. I live rather close to a nice ski area and I’d like to practice a lot this season (i.e. spend as many Saturdays as possible there) but renting –even for the season– seems very costly (this is crazy-expensive Switzerland, after all!). This will be my third season but I have only about 10 days of experience in total -which I guess is very little- although at the end of last season I felt alright doing parallel turns and I could already tackle some red (intermediate) runs. For this season, I'd really like to improve my turning technique (particularly on steeper slopes) and also work on controlling my speed, as sometimes I get quite freaked out when going too fast. If possible, I’d like to be able to do a black run (at least one of the less demanding ones) come April.


I’ve looked into buying used skis –both in actual shops and online– but I’m quite lost when it comes to the models and terminology, so I would greatly appreciate any guidance. I am 1.74 m tall (5 ft 8.5 in) and weigh 68 kg (150 lbs). After starting with 158 cm, my rentals last season were 163 cm. Would it make sense to look for something with that same length? Also, last season I rented three different models -Stöckli Axis Pro, Atomic VA 73 and Head Shape Two- and I felt that they went from “most difficult” to “easiest” in that order, although I’m not sure if that’s just a consequence of the fact that I was improving, or if that actually had something to do with the skis themselves, but probably I should aim now for something that doesn’t feel too “easy”, right?


As for the boots, I already got a pair of well-fitting entry-level boots (Nordica Cruise 60) which I hope I can continue using at least for this season.


From the ones I can see that are available online within my price range, these are a few models:


-    - Head X-Shape STX 123/68/107 R11.1 163 cm

-    - Head i.Titan 127/77/113 R12.4 163 cm

-    - Head i.Magnum 120/71/106 R12.4 163 cm

-    - Head i.Supershape 121/66/106 R11.4 165 cm

-    - Atomic Redster LT 120.5/74/103.5 R15.0 166 cm

-    - Völkl RTM 60 126/80/107 R14.6 161 cm

-    - Blizzard Magnum 7.6 122/76/105 R14.0 163 cm


And well, there’s many others, too!, I’m a bit confused, so any tips and recommendations would be super helpful. Many thanks for your feedback! :)