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AT boots For a gigantic foot

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So here is the deal guys. I live in the high country in CO.

I ski some of the deepest tufest stuff i can get my hands on. My everyday ski is a Rossi 190 Super 7


I have struggled for years with boots. 


I have Greg Hoffman in Vail do me a new set of boots every year. Those of you that know boots know that greg is one of the best in the game and employs some of the best people around.


I have been struggling for years to find an AT/Dyna fit boot to fit my super wide flinstone feet. 


Last year the only thing i could get to work was technica 120 HVL which comes out of the box at a 106 last. Even at 106 i needed a lot of work by greg to get my foot in them. The boots fit fine thanks to those guys at SBF in vail but they ski like total crap especially driving a 190 and they are not an AT boot.


Does anyone know of anything out there this year that is either a dyna fit or at a minimum an AT boot with walk mode that even has a prayer at working for me? I was told to look at the technics chochise 120 but also heard they will ski worse then my current boot.


The ridiculous shape of my feet is holding me back from doing the skiing i want to do. Does anyone have any ideas?



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no idea why the cochise will ski worse then the 120 HVL?   The 120 is a similar upper, with a bigger volume lower?   Doesn't that boot have a walk mode?    Or was that the magnum?


scapra spirit 3 is a BIG volume AT boot   might work for you?


or ask Greg as he has seen your feet and worked with you already?

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Thanks for the reply


Maybe the cochise won't ski worse then what i got but its probably on par i would imagine


Greg does not really deal in AT boots. He has warned me a bunch that the plastic AT boots are made from do not hold punches like a typical plastic boot


the HVL has a "walk" mode lol sort of

Its completely non effect mode. 

Flipping the lever actually doesn't do anything at all.


I really like the scarps mastrali rs but don't have a prayer at getting my foot in it


Whats this sprit 3


Ill do some research on it. Thanks for your help

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