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Lenz Heated socks

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I bought a set of Hotronics from my local shop over the summer, and was really excited about them until I went to the ski shop yesterday and saw these Lenz Heated socks. Has anyone had a chance to try these out yet? I am curious about their effectiveness as well as durability. I don't often get away for trips where I ski consecutive days, so I'm not particularly worried about having to wash them between ski days. I am concerned that at $300, they will be another very expensive sock with a hole in the heel after they get some use.



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Lenz heated socks work but are slightly too thick and uncomfortable.  I have only worn them when desperate to ski in subzero temps.  They would work nicely for other outdoor winter activities... like watching your kids race.

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Were you using the slim fit sock or the regular one? My shop has the slim fit in stock. 

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