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Hello All,


First off I just joined this site, really enjoy reading all the great information here! I have been skiing for the past 3 years and have really picked up this sport and truly enjoy everything about it.


Last year I finally got all my gear.... Blizzard Brahma, and Nordica NRGy Pro 1 boots. I am an intermediate skier on the aggressive side. I first got Dalbello boots but returned because my right foot was going numb after having them on a short while, at the end of the day I could not take it any longer and I had to get new boots. I exchanged for the NRGy Pro 1 and in the shop felt okay, went to Beaver Creek for a weekend and again my right foot was going numb. I have tried these boots on several times since and I am still experiencing the pain resulting in numbness the longer I keep them on.


Does anyone have any advice. Should I get them Custom Fitted (Vaccum Fit)? I am also considering getting a wider size, I cant figure it out but with the season starting soon and a trip in January to Steamboat, I must! It is only the right boot and the left is okay.


Your input is greatly appreciated.



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Tom,  it sounds like you need to be having this discussion in person with your boot fitter, we can help guide you but without the boots in front of me it is very difficult to see exactly what is going wrong.  there are a number of things which could be going wrong, but being as this is the second pair of boots with the same problem and that the left foot is fine there has to be a difference/ problem with the feet/legs



have you had any injuries on that side in the past, fractures, ligament tears, bad muscle strains?

is the right foot longer, higher, wider than the left?

are there any prominent blood vessels visible on the right foot which are not so visible on the left?

is the only thing inside the boot, your foot, 1 sock and 1 insole?  i know it sounds weird but people have put a second insole into a boot on top of their footbeds before without meaning to

how is the range of motion at your ankle joint?, compare left to right, is right restricted in any way?

shell check, you can see the wiki at the top of the forum about which boot will work, perform a shell check and see what you get


the answer will be somewhere in the above, you may be able to figure this out yourself, but you may need your boot fitters help to do so, you will almost certainly need their help to adjust the boot if that is what is required 


good luck getting this one worked out, mostly these issues are simple to fix when you find what the root cause of the problem is

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Thank you, I will try all of the above and also try to find a good boot fitter in my area. I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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