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Los Angeles Ski Shop

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Can anyone recommend any ski shops in LA?  Thanks.

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There are the usual sports chalet, REI. If you are looking to buy skis i found great prices at in SLC.

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Where are you in LA and what are you looking for?

Boots: Claude at SkiNet Sports in Studio City
Sports LTD in Woodlad Hill, Steve is a good guy.
Doc's Ski and Sports in Santa Monica, don't know much about them.
Of REIs, Tustin supposedly has the best selection. Took a wax/tune class from Manhattan Beach store two years ago, those guys seem quite conscientious with their work.

Moved to LA four years ago and have yet to visit Sports Chalet... Am I missing anything by not having been to one?

SkiDazzle is coming up this weekend. I'm checking it out on Sunday.
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Second that for boots the best is Claude at SkiNet in Studio City. The other alternative, if you ski Mammoth, is Footloose in Mammoth Lakes.


Rainbow Jenny—I've gotten good deals on clothing and stuff like that from Sport Chalet if you hit them up in August/September.  I think the one out in Claremont (or thereabouts) used to have discounted tickets for Baldy.

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There's a shop in Orange County that's open during the ski season.


Lots of places up in Big Bear, though I haven't been to any of them.

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