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Dodge, the Vermont makers of carbon fiber ski boots, is offering a $300 discount when referred by a current Dodge boot owner and with a discount code.  If I was in the market, I'd contact them and ask for the discount price, $995,anyway.


I ski Dodge boots.  They are as good as claimed.  One thing that really stands out is the quickness that input motions get to the skis.  Dodge says that their boots have 10 times the lateral stiffness and torsional stiffness of plastic boots.  I know for sure that the reactions through the boots are much quicker and more precise.  They immediately improved my skiing.  They do seem to absorb chatter vibration better.  They clearly don't change the flex with temperature.  And the light weight when skiing irregularities in the snow is really a good thing.  I'd buy them again.  Because punching out tight spots must be done at the factory, if you can't get to Vermont for fitting, you'll have to mail them back.  I'd say that a buyer needs to be pretty good at padding their own liners as needed or determining where to punch the boots (and mark when mailing them back) or be willing to pay a local shop for this.  Bill Doble at Dodge has been excellent with customer service with punching out, swapping buckles for a different length and answering all questions.