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Spyder speed suits - 2015

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Does anyone know what the difference, besides price, is between the Nine Ninety speed suits and the Performance suits?  Spyder's web site is really lacking in information.  From what they post, they are the exact same suit.

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The fabrics are different.


80% polyester/20% elastane for the Nintey-nine suits vs. 80% polyester, 20% polyurethane for the Performance Suits

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Would one be warmer than the other?

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Originally Posted by Tag View Post

Would one be warmer than the other?

I have a Karbon and a Spyder suit, warmth is the same between both, simply freaking cold.

If you are looking for warmth, a thin baselayer with a windproof one over it worn under the suit is your best bet.

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I haven't found one that's particularly warm either, just trying to figure out what the benefit is to spending the extra bucks for the Performance suit over the 990 suit.  Guessing that the polyurethane would be more durable, and considering my current Spyder GS suit is @10 years old, I guess it's held up pretty well.

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Oxymoron-warm speed suit..................

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My 990 actually feels tougher than my new standard Spyder suit. The 990 is a little less flexible but feels beefier.

As far as aero differences, you'll gain more from doing a good clinic or two than you will going to a World Cup suit.
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