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Like the subject header says:



I recently published an update to the website. There were firmware updates to the Pieps DSP Sport/Pro, ARVA announced the Evo4, and I made minor updates throughout the site. Make sure you read about the JetForce airbag recall and the Ortovox S1+ recall if you own those products.


Not related to avalanche safety, but the following may be of interest to rescuers:


  • I created a new website, with the help of my friend Andy Rich, named It’s full of rope rescue knowhow.
  • Google is discontinuing the Google Earth plugin which will prevent the interactive map on from working in Chrome. I am developing a replacement, but it will take many months.
  • I released new versions of the Android and iOS versions of the backcountry map in September.
  • I also released a major update to my PC-based rope rescue software, vRigger. (You can enter “BR100” when ordering the software to save $100.)
  • If you are troubled by insomnia, you can always read my rescue book, Mountain Responder.


Stay Safe,


Steve Achelis

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Thanks for sharing. Bumping this so it doesn't get buried. 

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