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You do know that wearing a helmet prevents global warming? Yes I have as much valid research to back up my statement as you do yours.  Carry on being an expert on not being an expert.

Sarcasm works best if you actually have facts to back you up. Here's the CDC (you know, the federal agency that supplies all the major epidemiological data for the United States) on helmets, for instance:  


Here's a leading motorcycle helmet safety organization:


Here's a quote from POC, who does a lot of primary helmet research and supplies the U.S. Ski Team: "A helmet should have a close but snug fit. Not too tight, not too loose." Oh, and here's USSA: "Helmets must fit properly to be of any use; they should fit snugly." Or you might try any, almost literally, website that sells helmets and offers advice on fit. Or you could ask a coach. Or your local ski shop. Or an MD who skis or specializes in neurology. Or an anatomist who studies head trauma pathology. But hey, what do any of these people know, relative to you? :rolleyes 


Ever hear of the Darwin Award? Strongly suggest you ski with a nice loose helmet. Use that beanie. With luck you'll win the award. :D 

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Originally Posted by marznc View Post

Where do you find Alpina helmets?  Have a friend who has a helmet but has yet to find one that really fits comfortably.



Originally Posted by cbtbakkes View Post

If I can find some to try on I definitely will give them a try! I think my head is longer front to back and more narrow on the sides. But I still want one that's no so warm or that can be worn without the liner...kind of like a bike helmet.


marznc - I got mine in Vancouver, West Coast Sports carries them and they carry a lot of less readily available brands which I think is great because they're usually a little less mass market! I think you may have to do some poking around to see where else carries them... try the Alpina website to find a dealer or worst case or maybe give WCS a call even if you're not in Vancouver and ask if their dealer might know where to get them?


cbtbakkes, I ski at Whistler (not the coldest place on the planet haha), and wear it with a balaclava underneath and it's fine. There's plenty of ventilation so I've really never been hot OR cold in it. :) Worked out great at A-basin last year and in the Alps too.

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