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PSA - Elan Amphibio skis

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I can get any one pair of Elan Amphibio skis for a discount from my shop. Please let me know if you're interested in a pair and I can see how much I can get it for you! Located in Montreal.



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How much for a pair in the 170-175 range at like 78 underfoot?
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Would be interested in a pair of the 88xti'S please
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I got my pair of 2014-2015 season Elan Amphibio 78 Ti Fusion with preinstalled ELX 11 integrated bindings (Tyrolia kind) for a matching online discount of $389 at Before I did that I researched extensively online this stand-alone unuque Amphibio technology model of Elan and engaged in recommended discussion with expert who tested the skis.

He strongly recommended for seeking to improve advanced intermediate this skis, which are not only carving frontside groomed trails ski, but all mountain ones. Doing well in crud, icy conditions and some powder. Given the fact that this ski design can please even an expert, not only advanced and intermediate skiers along with their almost unuversal conditions/trails usage.
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