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Comparison between Dynastar Myths and Rossi Experience 88's

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I've skied many, many days on a sweet pair of Dynastar Myths ... 178 lgth, mounted with PX12 bindings.  A friend recently bought a pair of Rossi Experience 88's and raves about them.


Given the depth of the skiers on here, I'm sure someone has owned/skied both and I'd appreciate feedback and opinions on both.  I know how solid, stable and strong the Myths are - just thought I might upgrade if the feedback is favorable on the Rossi's.


Thanks - Dorm

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I surmise that the ski the OP is referring to is the Dynastar Legend Mythic Rider, which Dynastar sold from 2008 to 2010 as an all-mountain ski.  It is the little brother of the Legend Pro-Rider.

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Quite different skis.  I've skied the Experience, demoed the old Dynastar Legend 8000, but am relying on reviews that I've read (quite a few reviews) when it comes to the Mythic Rider.


The Mythic is considered a stable crud buster of some note; more of an 'old school' ski that likes to be driven (as hard as you like); full camber; wider turn radius; won't really do anything until you tell the ski to do it.  Great ski if that's your thing.  The OP must know that ski a lot better than I do.


The Experience has early rise in tip and tail, is sturdy under foot, softer in tip/tail and has a narrower turning radius.  As a result it's designed to hook up more quickly and will turn more sharply.  It's a more modern design so it's happy (or even prefers) for the skier to sit neutrally in the middle of the ski and roll it onto edge, whereupon it will hook up and dive into a turn far more quickly than the Mythic would with a similar edging movement. 


I like the Experience 88, but then I'm one of those people who sit neutrally and roll onto edge.  If you're used to driving a Mythic you might find the tip of the Experience a little soft for the pressure you're providing.  I've seen one review where the Experience line is described as feeling like there's a bit of a 'hinge point' in the front of the ski.  The material in tip and tail thins out progressively (to reduce swing weight and allow for a bit more flex) in what Rossi calls their Cascade Tip, which might account for that feeling.


Try to demo if you can.  Should be fairly easy to find an E88 to demo.


Best of luck.

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Thanks for your responses ... Sinbad - the 'Myth's" are pretty much as u described and I've skied these for 4-5 years now.  I ski aggressively (lots of tip pressure) with these, but don't mind.  They work fine in deeper powder as well, although I take a more neutral stance to navigate like I want.  I wanted to look at a quicker turning ski, but one that could handle my size as well ... 6'-1" - ~250lbs.


I'll try and demo a pair of the Rossi's ... have a trip planned to Wolf Creek mid-December, so would love to try a pair while there.


Do you feel the Experience 88's are stiff enough to accommodate my size?

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Not sure why you feel a need to upgrade your Mythic Riders.  I have had mine as daily drivers for the last 5 seasons and counting.  I pretty much agree with the way Sinbad has described the Mythic Riders.  To me, they are like GS skis on steroids.  They are precise skis that like to be driven fast and hard and blast through piles of crud without deflecting.  They are not skis that like to be pivoted or skidded.  I am not familiar with the E88, si I cannot help with the comparison. If yours still have life left, you might want to consider   something different, that will address a different need. 

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Originally Posted by Pacobillie View Post

Not sure why you feel a need to upgrade your Mythic Riders.



The Myth's are a great ski, and yes I've skied these for 4-5 years now.  It's not that I am dis-satisfied with them, it's more about understanding what new skis are out there with similar strengths as the Myths ... stability, strength and crud buster ability - and that might be a bit quicker or better in other ways.


Don't get me wrong, I reeeaally love leaning into the tips of these and have them rail out GS turns.  But from time to time, I like to ask the question so as to understand what's out there that may serve me better.  Thanks ...

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