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Could use some help choosing between these skis [for northeast]

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Hey guys, great forums here! I have been skiing for about 15 years now and would like to get a new set of skiis, first set in 10 years. I went to a local ski shop and he helped me narrow down my decision a little bit and showed me a few skiis he had in stock that fit what i wanted to do.
Ill answer the 5 questions that i saw on the forum.
I am an experience skier that likes going fast, long fast carves. Im looking for an all mountain ski because i ski new england and there really isnt all that much powder, although i do take the trails through the woods and glades.

Im 5'11 and 235 pounds in my birthday suit. Pretty strong and not as obease as my BMI would suggest. (I like ti think so at least biggrin.gif) I ski about 10 times a year.

I went in there thinking the fischer motive 80 would be a good choice but he didnt have that.

He showed me

1. Rossignal experience 88 172
2. Volkl kendo 170
3. Blizzard bramha around the same size as the others.

Out of those four skiis which would be best? I tried doing some searching and did find some good info, bu5 it seems weight makes a huge difference with peoples reviews. Some people said the kendo is too stiff, and the rossi 88 would be better?
What about the length? Not sure if 170 or 180 would be better
Thanks in advance guys! I do not buy skiis that often at all and i will have these for a long time, so id like to be as informed as possible.

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Should also mention i am 25 years old
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The three skis mentioned are all good choices, but size up one length in each.

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Can't really go wrong with any of them, but...the Experience 88 is probably slightly more frontside/groomer oriented than the other two.


There isn't much between the Kendo and the Brahma. Very similar dimensions, both have rocker in the tip and tail with camber underfoot, and I believe both have two sheets of metal in them. You'll be happy with either one. The Kendo was made a little wider/softer this year by Volkl, so if the people saying the Kendo is too stiff are talking about the previous versions, their statements won't hold true for the updated version of the ski.


If you can demo the skis, demo them.


If not, then if you are more concerned about groomer performance, go Experience 88. If you are looking for a ski that will be more comfortable in the bumps or trees, go either Kendo or Brahma, whichever one you can get a better deal for. If you haven't gotten a new pair of skis in 10 years, either one will feel great.

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I demoed the Kendo (I think 177?) and E88 (180) last year in moderate fresh snow (~4" inches). Most of the time in bumps and trees.The E88 felt lively and springy, but the tips got caught quite a bit and I had to fight them out. The Kendo felt more solid, but didn't respond as quickly in the bumps. They changed the Kendo this year, so my experience is probably invalid now.

You'll like any new ski, but definitely size up to the 180 ballpark.
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Wow thanks for that advice! I run into a lot of icy conditions and very bumpy snow, groomed in the morning and then rough. I actually can demo them, the shop that i went to is across fom the moutain i ski at and they are having a demo day slopeside on the 12th and 13th of december, i was just hoping to get them sooner haha

Are there any other options anyone has for type of skiing? How about any fischer models?
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Alright thanks, yeah hopefully i can get different sizes on the demo, he seemed a little limited on sizes
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Originally Posted by jguck25 View Post

Are there any other options anyone has for type of skiing? How about any fischer models?


For Fischers I would consider the Motive 86 or the 95, or one of the new Progressors (F18 or F17) for a more hard snow carver.

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Thank you everyone, i think i have it narrowed down to fisher motive 80, rossi 88, or volkl kendo. As soon as i think i made a desicion i change my mind. Which of these would be best for rough conditions and lots of chop,slop, wind blown crap, and ice? I like an easy maneuverable ski for glades, and hate when the back end gets hungup and makes the turn slower. I do like to go very fast too, over rough terrain
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+1 on the Fischer Motive 86. Its in the same class as the e88 & Kendo (~88mm wide). The Motive 80 will be in a softer weight class/ upper beginner lower intermediate. If your fast is over 20mph, you'll want the stiffer skis.
Good luck.
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Is the motive 86 still an all mountain ski? Rockered in the front and back?
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Originally Posted by jguck25 View Post

Is the motive 86 still an all mountain ski? Rockered in the front and back?

Short answer: yes

See here http://www.evo.com/outlet/skis/fischer-motive-86-ti.aspx?esvt=-&esvq=&esvadt=999999---1&esvcrea=49369065868&esvplace=&esvaid=30559#image=81202/398751/clone.jpg&select=true&utm_medium=shoppingengine&utm_source=googlebase&utm_campaign=EB-81202-1002

Long answer, its likely to be less turny than the e88, but softer, easier to turn than the Kendo. Past statements/reviews were that it's competent at it all. If you're considering the e88 and the Kendo, this is the Fischer you need to consider instead of the Motive 80.
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Just went to another store, have narrowed it down to either the rossignol 88 180 or Fisher motive 86ti.... What do you guys think?


Sorry to be such a pain but this is a big purchase with boots and everything and want to know as much as I can


Which is best for






Quick turns in the trees?

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rossignol 88 180 or Fisher motive 86ti

Yes, that's the ticket.


 big purchase with boots

Hmmmm.... can't believe we didn't ask if you already had boots. [I guess we assumed if you've been skiing for 15yrs, you've got your own.]  Take care of the boots first, then worry about the skis.....  Does the shop have demo program, where you can try out the skis you would want before you purchase?  Not everyone skis the same way, so one persons experience on one model might likely be another's very different experience.  There's also the chance that a ski you didn't expect to like might surprise you.

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I do have a pair of boots that I've had for about 8 years, but I'm not a huge fan of them. So I was going to get everything all in one shot.I guess I could ask if I could demo skiis after buying boots, but the two skiis I mentioned, he does not have in stock and has to order them in for me to buy. So i dont think ill have a chance to demo them.
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If the shop doesn't have what you want look elsewhere. A good selection is worth it.

Based on what you posted it appears the shop is dedicated in convencing the customer that what they have on hand is what the customer needs. This is good for the store as it sells product but bad for you the customer as it doesn't really address your needs.

Just my 2 cents.
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Does anyone have any input on atomic nomad crimson ti? I just found it and it seemed to get good reviews..

Is tail rocker really beneficial? The Fisher and the atomic do not have them
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