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1st time out on snow in 25 years

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1st post here,,,but constant reader......this Thursday was my first time on snow in 25 years...with a great friend of mine that hadn't been out in about the same length of time.....Apprehensive...very...I had thoughts of bowling over the line of kids at the lift...could i stop...could i turn....could i even stand on my boards....25 years ago I was actually what I would consider a proficient mogul skier...I did the mogul camp route for a number of years but life gets in the way of fun.....to cut to the chase....I was amazed at what I could actually do on a pair of skis....not there yet...obviously for a 50 year old man....but I had control....I could carve a short and medium radius turn... I could stand on my downhill ski and it came around like a knife slicing through butter, i'd lift my uphill ski in the turn to find that I could really feel the ski working..,,I really wanted to just work on some basic stuff and all in all i'd say i was shocked at how well things went..didn't even falter once on a run....I had planned on being a wet, soaked mess at the end of the day but thankfully that didn't transpire....The only thing I was kinda confused with was I felt that a narrow bump ski kinda stance made me feel more comfortable,,,with any big separation in my knees/feet....it had an unstable kinda feel to it....but I'm sure i'll get used to a wider stance ...in time :beercheer:

My good friend's time was not so good to say the least.....his K2 MSL skis in a 210 sounds like a chore for anyone to turn,,,I'm glad he has some Fischer Motive 84 coming his way....in a 184

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Great story. Welcome back to the thrill of a lifetime skiing. Where are you skiing?
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Hey Slider...and thank you!...I got 2 season passes....I got a night skiing pass at Boreal and a midweek pass at Sugar Bowl......I figured if I broke or tore something 1st time out I wouldn't be out of a lot of money....:beercheer: wonderful deals in my book for someone just getting back into things.

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Well I certainty hope you have a good snow pack in Tahoe. Skied Boreal in 1980,fun hill @ night too. Did you consider a helmet w/ your new gear.
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it was fun actually......The helmet was part of my gear and i must say it was something that I was concerned about initially....I thought the weight thing was gonna be a factor but it wasn't...didn't even notice it at all...in fact it kept my head warm......the last run of the day had found my friend at the bottom of about an large 6 foot hole... I guess you could call it.....thankfully he suffered no ill affects from finding himself at the bottom of the thing....I think my talk about a helmet purchase sunk in.....one thing i did notice obviously was the snowboarders....it really wasn't much of a thing back the last time I had slid around on the hill.:)

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Keep an eye on your ski friend here comes Winter for the West coast.
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Cool post. I remember my first time of shaped skis, my first time with a helmet, and it was the same type of deal, just spread out.

Rent soem powder skis when the big storms hit. It will be much more mjnd-blowing than the shaped skis. smile.gif
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Welcome back! 

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Welcome back! It's amazing how quickly it all comes back to you. Thankgoodness for muscle memory.

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Thanks for the welcome! I've been out twice so far :o and it's been way beyond what I had imagined it was gonna be like....after 25 years...Technically it's literally been a shock...I haven't been on my mogul ski yet but my all mountain skis leads me to believe no worries there...hope your season starts off well!! 

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No pictures? :-)
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welcome back. I had taken about 10 yrs off when kids came along,
it felt great when I came back, now I'm absolutely addicted... more so then when I was younger. biggrin.gif
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Thanks Gerry! I couldn't be happier and like you I'm hooked...I think with the resources you have nowadays things come so quickly....When I first started mogul skiing...it took one mogul camp to improve 200%...back in my day...you didn't have all this visual learning like you do now....so I had a bit of a clue on how to work this newer gear....I have not been out on my mogul ski yet....but with a sidecut i'm familiar with from years back ....hopefully no problems :beercheer:

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