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Mystery wax?

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I was going through my waxing stuff in some old boxes and found some wax I forgot I had. It looks like a hockey puck of really soft gold wax.if I remember right this was the stuff to use in warm spring snow. I can't remember the name of it other than it had "gold" in it. Does anyone remember what this stuff is?
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Canwax Slide? 

Purl used to come in hockey pucks, and there was a gold-yellow one. 

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Nope. Gold was in the name!
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Local shop owner who's been around for 40+ years says it's Hertel White Gold. In the 80's it was gold in color and sold in a disk. Today it's $99 an ounce so I've got like $300-400 worth. I'm saving this for those special days!
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@ cbtbakkes


One clue to help you identify the wax you mention is that "White Gold" wax is white, not gold.


Here is a link to see that:


However, the wax could be Alf Engen Gold Wax and this wax was indeed soft and designed for use in wet snow.


Alf was a legendary Norwegian skiing icon based in Alta, Utah and he created a line of waxes which were state-of-the-art in those days. If this is indeed Alf Engen Gold, there might be vintage ski equipment collectors who would be interested in adding that to their collection; that is, if you could find the original package.


Here is a link to the Alf Engen Museum:




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Here's a picture of what I have left next to my Hertel.
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