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Alyeska in December

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My wife has a business trip to Anchorage Dec. 8-11, and I was wondering about going along and skiing Alyeska, to which I've never been. It is scheduled to open on November 26; I was surprised to see that the season seems to be latish there.  It's a long trip, and a bit of a bother, and I wonder if it is it worthwhile to go in the early December timeframe?  I'm a solid double-black XX skier.





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Never skied it, but have been by it.  From Anchorage it's a pretty easy drive.


And it looks pretty damn good. 

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I've always wondered how dark it is in December there?

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I'll be there the same time this year. Dec 5-15. I used to live in Anchorage so I'm heading back to visit family before the holidays. 


For me personally, I think skiing Alyeska is pretty special. If you have the chance to do it I think for any skier it shouldn't be missed. Pretty special place IMO. 


But, early Dec conditions can definitely be hit or miss. They need a lot of natural snow to open up certain spots and in a year like last year it was very rough for them. But most years snowfall is copious and the last strong el nino snowfall was like 700 inches +, so take that for whatever its worth. 


In short, I'll be there, I'm bringing my skis, hoping for the best, but knowing we'll need mother nature on our side (isn't that always the case?).


As far as winter darkness, around December you'll probably have daylight from 10am (ish) to 4pm ish. Not so bad on vacation but if youre working indoors and you go to work at dark and leave work at dark it can get old. It did for me. But I still miss Alaska badly so if you get the chance, go!


If it helps make your decision, 22 inch base up top so far, the early reports sound good


Also, @raspritz don't be put off by their opening day. Traditional opening day is Turkey day at Alyeska almost every year. 

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I wouldn't count on a lot of XX, but they have a lot of lights and AK's always fun!

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Alyeska in December didn't seem worth the trouble.  My wife is arranging a second business trip to Anchorage in mid-March, and we'll go heli-skiing instead of Alyeska.

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