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Skis for my son.

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Okay gang, one more thread.  :-)
This one is for my son.  Very similar to the post I made about my daughter, except he's younger and more intermediate in level.
Currently 12 years old, has been skiing for about five years. East coast only.  Poconos (CBK, Blue Mt) and Vermont (Okemo, Pico).  
She's 5'2", 110 lbs.  Using the ski wizard I'd call him intermediate level and
She skis mostly groomers, but does some off-piste tree skiing and ungroomed as well (like the Sundowner at Pico).   Occasionally, as with all East coast skiing, we're on ice (Forty-Niner at PICO anyone?)
He gets on the mountain about 6 times a year.
I was looking at K2 Indy's and Atomic VANTAGE III's
Thanks again!


John from South Jersey.

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Add the Dynastar Cham Pro to your list.
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