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2016 Weekend Ski Trip Series--Utah/SLC

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Every year we get many threads asking for advice on where to ski at a destination. I was thinking it would be a cool idea to put together some template trips to help new members as a starting point for planning a ski vacation. It'll obviously not be a cover-all as abilities, budgets, transportation, etc. will vary, but I thought it might be a useful starting point for many people. If you were going to ski a long weekend (skiing Fri-Monday) based out of flying into Salt Lake City, UT what would your plan be? It may be helpful to either note your interests or suggest multiple plans for low level/families, another plan for more advanced skiers, etc. 

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Just brainstorming some variations/criteria for template:

with rental car, without rental car, lcc vs. bcc, park city, ogden, slopeside vs. motel in town/burbs, best for experts/intermediates/beginners/powder/low crowds/low prices

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Sounds like an interesting idea, but you know that anyone with such a question is going to ignore all the templates and just start a "where should I ski in Utah" thread in the forum. When directed to templates, he or she will reply, "I read them, but they didn't apply to my [very special] trip. I was hoping to get [very special] advice from one of my ski peers." 


Maybe it should be mandatory "before first post" reading ;) 

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Don't forget to do a template for Sundance, including festivaling.

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Its an interesting idea. The decision tree on where to go and why relies on many factors so it does get complicated quickly.


Here are a few examples based on your original question of flying into SLC.


1.  I am travelling alone to go skiing and I am an advanced to expert skier.  I value snow & terrain quality more than anything.  I ski and do not snowboard.  Then the best place to stay would be in one of Alta's 5 lodges and ski Alta and Snowbird by getting a combined pass.


2.  I am travelling with friends and we are well off financially.  We want upscale accommodations, great food, and great service.  Then the place to stay is Deer Valley


3.  I am on a tight budget and we are a mix of intermediate to advanced skiers.  We want really good skiing but we've never been to the SLC area.  The answer could be to stay in a low cost Airbnb rental and ski at Snowbasin.


You get the idea.  Of course, the people who ask these questions don't really convey much information in a clear statement.  They also usually don't know what they really value in a ski vacation, they simply want it all at a low cost.

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What may be more useful is a list of basic questions that help to make the OP's situation clearer instead of trying to come up with generic suggestions.  Similar in concept to the Five Questions for people who are asking for advice what buying skis.


Here are a few common situations for a long weekend in SLC that are very different:


1) solo traveler who is advanced/expert, first time to SLC

2) family with school age kids stuck using a holiday weekend (MLK, Pres. Day)

3) intermediate/advanced group flying from outside N. America


The above three could all have a thread title "Going to SLC, help needed" so suggestions on what to include in a thread title would be useful too.


Topics I've covered in questions I've often asked various ways in the last couple years:


*  What dates?

*  What experience in the Rockies, if any?

*  Ski ability?  Sometimes helps to ask for favorite local ski resort

*  Size of group?

*  Age of kids, if applicable (young, tween, teen)

*  Renting a car?


Usually the OP's first post includes some of the above.  But most are missing some critical info.  For instance, if someone in the group is a snowboarder or a non-skier, that would definitely change the recommendation around SLC..  There are more possible questions, but as long as basic info is known early on (first 10 posts) then usually the OP gets pretty good advice.  If the list is too long, that probably won't help either.

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