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Elan Integras?

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Hi gang.


Can anyone tell me how I can tell what version my daughter's skis are? 4.0?  9.0?


She has a pair of Elan Integra's (144).  looking to upgrade but trying to get a feel for what she HAS been skiing.




John from South Jersey.

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If they're 144cm then my money's on:  they're not a numerical (adult) Integra at all, but an Integra Junior.

Not sure how that helps you but there it is.        Pretty much anything newer will be completely different from what she's used to. 

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Yes!  They probably are junior!


This is why i love this place.


So, what, they are beginner skis?

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Well, not 'beginner' exactly - but for a growing skiers' weight equivalent to low intermediate carvers.    

You have to keep in mind that this is all within the context of the second generation of shaped ski design.    Depending on whom you ask, we are now within the eighth or tenth.     What this means is that any recent ski she gets on now will be much more 'all mountain' capable and feel different from what she's used to.     The point I'm working up to is - we can pigeonhole her old skis, but we also need to figure out what she can do and what she would like to do? 

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I forwarded that on to her!

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At the Elan site, they have a ski selector to help you. You enter in your information and the skis and the lengths pop up.
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I get you.


Well, I did ask this on another thread, but she's almost 16, been skiing for (about) 9 years, 5'5", 120 lbs, athletic, skis up to Blacks in VT, double in Poconos.  We ski mostly East Coast hard pack stuff, no (real) powder.


She's very confident, moderately aggressive

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Corrected my iPads auto correct in my earlier post.

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