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Tecnica Cochise 130

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I am having trouble finding out if this boot changed from 2014/15 to 2015/16. Prices are nearly half for last years model. I have tried on the 2016 boot and like it but if it's the same boot as the 2014/15, I will buy last years model. 





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That is a good price.  What shop still has last year's model at that price?


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Only online. All shops seem to just be carrying 2016 from what I have seen.
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similar overall,  liner is improved a bunch.


buying online can have a great price to start with, but remember that the price is plus shipping, plus wait time, no fitting included, and much harder warranty service.      I'm NOT saying dont buy online, just rememebr the other costs...

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Thanks. I would prefer to buy at the shop. Is it crazy to buy last years model then buy an intuition liner for them?
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why do you need an intuition?

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You are correct about shops.  Our goal is to sell out, not have them left over so we can lose money on them next year.

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