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I have a pair of Stockli Stormrider 95 in 183 cm, 2013 vintage. Were bought used from someone who had gotten them right before an injury, skis are in excellent condition and don't look to be skied much, if at all. One mount for Look PX for a largish bsl, I can measure and pm pics of skis if you're interested.

Would like to trade for Stormrider 95 in a 174 from same era (tip rocker, without weight reduction) in good condition, preferably one mount or less, would also consider SR 100 from same era in 174. Only considering trades for Stormriders.

If no interest I'll sack up and mount these, if any Stockli aficionados care to comment on a mount for someone that is ~130 lbs in gear for a 287 bsl feel free, I'll start a new thread on the subject if it comes to that.

Thanks for reading.