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Gots me some new shoes

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finally went to peak ski and got new boots. There wasnt any fitting for me. Tried  a set on and they were loose in the heel, then one of these, and a set of 100's that I could crush without even trying. Boots feel great in the store. He had to work on a set for the wife, but she is hooked up also.

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Year and a half ago when Phil was still with Starthaus in Truckee he recommended the same boot for me.  After determining how wide my foot is he immediately pulled the SX-120 from the shelf,  With it’s 102mm last and the high instep I was able to drop 2 full sizes from 27.5 to 25.5.  Took a little tweaking but now they fit like a glove thanks to Jim, their boot tech.  (Though it did require buying a heated boot bag to facilitate getting them on).  Was a little concerned about 120 vs the 130 flex I thought I needed (planned on getting the RX-130) but have been very pleased with this boot.  Very noticeable increase in edge control.  Down side is that while it doesn’t leak like some RX130s it’s still a relatively cold boot – at least compared to my previous Dalbellos with the Intuition liner.  Problem solved on cold, deep snow days by using the neoprene “Boot Gloves”. 

(Obviously not much of a problem last season but hopefully will be this year:rolleyes).

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I'm hoping these feel as good after a day as they did in the store. With my size the 100's were kind of a joke, I think he put them on me just to see when the would squeal :)  but these seemed to hold pretty well. If I can get out a lot and find a set of skis I like, I might run them up to their limits, but I dont see me doing the stuff I did 30 years ago anytime in the near future. Like I told my wife, a full mogul hill at this point will end in 4 ibuprofen, an ice pack, and single malt scotch even if everything goes right. The wife was all in for getting new equipment. The last time we went last year some kids were looking at her skis and they told her that they were so "retro" in a amazed sort of way. She took that to mean she was old and I think they were lucky not to get a straight Elan across the backside.


I am liking the thought of a heated boot bag. They are .... firm.... until they warm up.


 I have had only one interaction, but if you are in the east, I am thinking Peak Ski and board is a heck of a good choice because everything I saw was positive. We got there about opening on a Sunday planning on boots for the wife and I. We walked out with what I think were better boots than I had planned on, 2 sets of seasonal rentals because they figured we needed to try something before we bought since we were both skiing antiques which made a huge amount of sense to me, and I found a pair of gloves that FIT. For me XL isnt always all that big, and it really depends on who makes the glove.  No hard sell, just matter of fact tech who knows what hes is doing.

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You were in good hands IMHO at Peak. Skilled boot fitters in SW Pa. are few and far between . Peak can fit boots , make footbeds, and do alignment with the best of them.

We're lucky to have a shop like this in our area.
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