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Thi spost could go in the General Section. It could go in the Resorts/Conditions Section, it could possibly been seen as a health issue, and so be posted in the fitness section, but I'm putting it here.

This is from the BBC News web site about how cold it is in Russia...

...The lucky escape by one young man in the southern city of Stavropol.

Normally one of the warmest Russian regions, it is now an unheard-of -30C.

Unused to the effects of that kind of cold on metal and skin, the man was taken by surprise when he answered a call of nature outdoors on his way home from a bar.

Standing by a bus shelter for support, he inadvertently swayed at a crucial moment - and his most sensitive part stuck to the frozen metal.

A large crowd gathered, shouting helpful suggestions.

Finally a passing rescue worker, Valery Levchenko, was able to free the man using a kettle of warm water borrowed from a nearby chemist.

Deeply embarrassed, the young man apparently refused further medical help before running off.

It is not known whether he suffered any permanent damage - other than to his pride.

(From the BBC web site... )