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newest ussa lengths

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The USSA has announced that they will NOT adopt or enforce the FIS changes that were set for the 03/04 season. "Over regulation" was the answer given for the rejection of the FIS standards. "The WC races are faster and the rules will slow the racers down and that's appropriate at that level". "The only rules enforced in USSA races will cover standheight and boot height".

See Ski Racing Magazine or the online version for the details.

Sounds like $avings too, cause you won't have to toss those 150's (for women) and 155's at the end of the season. I'm sure that guided many a sale this year. Those second hand skis won't drop as much in value. Next years crop were to be 155 & 165 to be legal.
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Bump! :
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Good stuff! I say the short skis keep it fun, and it's stupid to take that away. And word on Canada in this regard?
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No clue. The Canadian organization must have a web site?
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Here is Alpin Canada's website. They may have some information there. http://www.canski.org/e/html/e_home.asp

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