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A fellow ski instructors young adult daughter is looking for housing in Breckenridge.  Here's the post he put on Facebook.  I won't copy the photo here, but his daughter is a great person.


"Rachel needs a Home!

For those of you who don't know, this is my daughter Rachel. A wonderful young lady, full of life and fun to have around. 
But there is a problem. She doesn't have a home. Well, at least where she is now. You see, Rachel is working this year at Breckenridge Resort in Colorado. But finding housing out there is crazy, and she has been trying.(Currently living with a friend)

To give you an idea how challenging it is, there was a Craigslist ad for housing. It was for an abandoned Jeep Grand Cherokee on someones front lawn. You get full use of the Jeep, and an extension cord for an electric heater. Access to the house for shower and bath not included. But there is a pond. All that for $350/month! Pretty good, huh? (there were people calling, interested...)

So if you know someone with extra space (spare room, couch, tool shed, cardboard box, etc) remotely close to Breckenridge, let me know. Rachel would love to talk. She is gainfully employed, and an excellent roommate. ( I am biased, of course)"