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Hey Everyone, 


Just wanted to share that Axcel Sports is now producing fully custom FIS approved and Non-FIS speed suits. This means you take charge of the design process and have the ability to express your creativity, have your name, sponsors, club or whatever you can think of on the suit. 


Here's the breakdown 


All prices in US Dollars (Not including Shipping Costs)

Custom Designed Suits:

One time Design Fee - $70

FIS Approved suits

Adult Pro GS (Padded) - $485

Adult Pro Downhill (Non-Padded) - $460

Junior Pro GS (Padded) - $425

Junior Pro Downhill (Non-Padded) - $400

Non-FIS Approved Suits

Base Suit Fabric 

Adult Sportsman - $300

Junior Sportsman - $270

Sportsman Fabric 

Adult Sportsman Plus – $350

Junior Sportsman Plus - $310  


If anyone has any questions, contact me on here or (fastest response) at harlandgoulbourne at gmail dot com