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Park City

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Hi All,
Does anyone know when (dates) the 2016 Spring Break will impact the crowd level at PCMR? Thanks!
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Park city will be packed second week of March through the beginning of April. I am a teacher in SLC and spring break is March 19-27. Last year all SLC resorts weren't too bad through the week. I would stay away from PCMR on the weekends and go to Solitude, Brighton, Powder Mountain instead.

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Thank you TA for your response. I plan to be in PC March 6-12. Will that be ok?
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I'm leading a trip to Park City March 1-6 for Seattle's  S'no Joke ski club.  Our group discount rates are good, with tickets for the newly combined Park City and Canyons and an option for a day at Deer Valley.  One can fly with us from Seattle or meet us in SLC or Park City.  PM me for more info.

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That should be perfect!Shouldn't be too crowded at all.
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Originally Posted by MichaelF View Post

Thank you TA for your response. I plan to be in PC March 6-12. Will that be ok?

I tend not to ski during March due to other travel with my non-skiing spouse, but in general spring break is not the same level of problem for crowds compare to the winter break around Christmas and New Year's.  School breaks are spread across 4-6 weeks depending on when Easter falls.  Some schools take Easter into account, while others keep a more consistent schedule in terms of midterms and exams.


That early in March, Snowbasin is definitely a good option on weekends.  Or PowMow if lucky on the timing of a powder storm.

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Thank you all! Timing is everything, just like in skiing.
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Marznc is correct. The only times it's nuts is Xmas/NY's and maybe Presidents Day weekend. Otherwise, never too bad. 

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