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Alpine CSG Goggles

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I got a facebook ad for these at $37.  Googled them and found on ebay for as low as $23 (includes shipping).  They're made in China like everything else, but possibly shipped straight from the factory.


I'm guessing low-end single pane (non-thermal) lense, but still might appeal to a casual skier.  The picture actually makes it look like a pretty high end goggle. 


ebay says "215 sold" so I'm wondering if anyone has checked them out.  The saying "you get what you pay for" almost always holds true, but for $23...


Alpine Ski and Snowboard Outlet:

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Are you sure they are goggles? Smell more like fish to me. :cool

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I just bought a pair for my kids.  They always tear through goggle quick.  So I'll give my two cents when we see them.

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thanks for this thread. inspired me to look around a bit, and ended up with some new Oakley Praxis, the air ones with easy changing lenses. 

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Just got these today and thought I would write a follow up.  The frame and band look somewhat cheep but the lens looks pretty good to me.  I am going to try them tomorrow.  These were purchased on ebay for like $12.  I think they will be worth it 100% for the kids.  I am going to purchase another pair for my other son as well.  We go through these fast since they are kids.  The one huge downside is that they don't have a bag, for the price though who cares.


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How's the colour accuracy?   Any noticeable distortions (straight lines wavy; straight lines bowed or otherwise curved)?    Any halo, any coma, any starring around bright spots/lights?      Any double images or artificial shadows?

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Lots of questions. I got to use them today. They don't have halos, rainbows, double images or anything of that sort. What I did notice is a slight distortion between the colors if you really stare at it. It's almost unnoticeable but what is noticeable is a complete wash of colors. Depth and other characteristics are harder to see. Also they don't do well when you get hot. I was standing a lot in clinics and they fogged up.

I didn't use them at night but also noticed small rainbows inside. This was at night looking through them at inside lights. You get what you pay for though. These will be decent kid goggles till they break them.
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