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Online Resources for Training Exercises

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Hello all,


I was just working on updating the formatting and such for the "Exercises for Pre Season training"  article. It's a great starting resource, but it's by no means exhaustive. The end of the article finishes with this:



EpicSki isn't the only skiing resource online, just the best. What other sites, books, videos, etc. are helpful for you?

  • The library of Crossfit exercise videos.


It only has that one bullet point for Crossfit videos. I'd love to get some suggestions for items you all have found useful in your training regimen to add to the list! 

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Go to they have all of the lifts demonstrated and instructional. It's helpful plus it's awesome to see such a large collection of athletes. It's also historic for Crossfit's journey. The owner of Crossfit is a hard ass and possibly over rated. What he doesn't know he is good at making up.


Ava T is a "box" owner and former US Ski Team member. You can also go to Robb Wolf and check out his stuff. He is the Paleo guru, but he owns (owned?) Norcal Crossfit, probably one of the best in the country . He does a pod cast and besides Paleo, he talks about training and adds perspective to Crossfit's training philosophy. He has plenty of criticism and modification for many training programs.


Check out the WODs. They are amazing - keep in mind that they can be scaled.


I have been criticized before about my beliefs about training, but it is especially true this late in the season. strength training will give you a big bang for the buck. Legs especially, posterior chain and the full core. Crossfit is also about constantly varied (routine).  Train with a partner, or join a Crossfit so you can learn the lifts. Contrary to criticism, they are very good at lifting... depending on the box.


I'd love to hear how it goes.   

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