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Christmas Vacation

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I know it's still a bit early but it looks like ski resorts in New England may not have much snow come December or even early January this season We booked a week in Okemo between Christmas and New Year's and were wordering if we should consider another mountain (Jay Peak, Killington, Sugarloaf) or if it won't make much a difference. Or, if it's likely going to be awful and we should just cancel all together or head West. Thank you for your thoughts.
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It's a little early to panic.
Sit down and have a drink or two.
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Far advanced reserving anywhere in New England is not a great idea due to unpredictable rain incidence.  And most of the rain events rain all the way to the Canadian border and beyond.  It has rained immediately before or during Christmas Week in the Northeast more than half  the time in the past decade.  The vast majority of New England skiers live within drive distance.  If they are willing to be flexible they can ski when it's good and avoid when it's not.


The above has nothing to do with the state of snow in early November, which as noted above is way too early to be predicting how much snow will be on the ground 6 weeks from now.

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Thanks :beercheer:

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