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Ski Buddies for the NE?

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Hi NE Skiers...
I often find myself driving alone from the NYC area (I live on the south shore of Long Island) to Vermont resorts and am interested in one or two buddies to share the drive and/or the slopes. It 's a lot more fun sharing the experience than doing it alone, assuming compatibility! I've been skiing for a number of years in the East and West, but now that I recently retired I have a lot of time flexibility, although I really prefer skiing during week-days when crowds are minimal. Anybody interested? Generally, I ski with more caution now than when I was younger, so I would say I am less advanced but enjoy the wind in my face (on mostly groomed slopes)! PM me and we can compare skiing aspirations and needs. Thanks!
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Michael- I retired last year and rediscovered my passion for skiing.  I only ski mid-week, mostly day trips to Mt Snow (usually a couple days a week) but sometimes Killington and elsewhere.  I live in South Windsor, CT just northeast of Hartford (2 hours from Mt. Snow).  I'm an intermediate-advanced skier but, like you, a bit more cautious these days. I usually leave by 7:30 am if you'd like to drive with me we could find a place to meet.  Otherwise we could plan a time an place to meet at the mountain.  I know I'm going to Mt Snow Monday 12/7 and Wednesday 12/9.

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Hello!  Have you two noticed the threads about the New England Gathering in March?  Also, there is an ongoing thread for NE folks.  Look at the top of Resorts, Conditions & Travel for links to all the regional threads.


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THANKS!  I'll check it out.


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Originally Posted by donb7976 View Post

THANKS!  I'll check it out.



If you want to join the gathering, you have a day or two left to cast a vote as to the location as well:

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Thanks, Kevin. Unfortunately, I doubt I will be able to join the NE group in March. I will be in Utah. But thank you for the reference.
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Post when you are going close to the date.  You might get spur-of-the-moment company.

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Hey Michael,


I'm from Long Island also. I've been looking for some new people to go up to New England with this year. Four of my friends relocated to Co. during the past 4 seasons. It does get a bit boring taking that long lonely ride. I've been snowboarding for the past few years and I'm towards the lower intermediate level. I've got to take it slow and will build up as the season progresses. That is the plan at least. I will mainly be on green and blue groomers. I have a midweek pass for Killington and look forward to talking with you about going. I'm in my early fifties and do work during the week, but have been saving time off to use during the midweek.



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Thanks for your note. I will be driving up to Okemo and Mt. Snow with my son next week for a few days of skiing. We are trying to figure out his schedule regarding school and his work (he's 21), but we don't have anything definite yet. After mid-Jan. I should know more. Let's stay in touch.
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BUMP to note that the 2016-17 discussion for the northeast has begun.  Hope it gets cold early, snows a lot, and stays cold.

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