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need ski advice for tall lady, intermediate

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Normally, I have no problem coming up with suggestions of skis for people to look at or demo. But this time, I need all your advice.


A friend of mine (female, 31 years old, 1.90 m tall and 78 kg, athletic build, intermediate - blues mostly) will get her skiing going this season. Two or three weeks in total, she will take lessons and cruise around some blues and reds (Europe), stricty on-piste.


What would be a good ski for her, given her skill level (low intermediate, wants to improve over the coming years) and her length and weight? I was thinking unsex for starters (not many women specific skis will be long enough to give her some stability once she picks up some skills and speed). But what else?


I'm in Sölden at the moment (demoing skis), so I'm in the position to ask around as well. But I thought I'd give you guys a try too.

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Is she fairly athletic? 


I would say that you should stick with something that is fairly strong for her size.  Try the head Total Joy.  Its a fairly strong ski that will still be easy for her to make progress on. 

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 Hi - That's a tall female! Even if she's Dutch, who are the world's tallest people. The intermediate part makes it tough; you want something that's long but flexes. But the athletic part helps. I like the Total Joy in theory, but it's longest length will come to her chin, and keep in mind she weighs 172 lbs. I'd say stay with men's models, which run longer, and go for an flexible all-mountain aimed at frontside and versatility. The Rossi E84 in the 178 length would work well; good edges, smooth and easy to initiate, she can grow into a bit of off-piste with it. Scott's Black Majic would be another winner, easy but stable and versatile, either the 177 or 184, depending. If she has the extra income, and if she tends to keep gear rather than swap it out every few years, a Kastle LX82 or the new CPM82 would have the highest upside. Maybe the Blizzard XPower 8 or Fischer Motive 80 Ti in the high 170's if the groomers tend to be firmer, as they can be in Europe, and she isn't so intrigued by off-piste. 

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My dad calls me his little Dutchman! At 2 m and a little over 100 kg, I've been using an E83 in 184 cm, so that E84 might work. She should demo both longer lengths. Maybe also the E80 in the longer length. I really liked the Motive 86 in a 182 in a demo but decided to go longer with an Elan Amphibio 88 XTi. That's too much for her but something narrower in that series might work. It can be tough to find the longer lengths to demo.
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Closest I can think of is Kästle MX78, a little wide, but better than most skis suggested so far.

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I like the Motive 80 as a suggestion. Could work very well for her. Off-piste is really not going to happen with this ski, so anything over 80 mm and wich too much rocker will not help her progress in my view. We're in Euope, guys. 85 is a freeride ski! haha


What would you guys thing of Noridca Fire Arrow 76 CA? Too much? Or Rossignol Persuit 600 (basalt) or 700 (TI)? She's very athletic, the bootcamp & triathlon kind or girl....


Maybe Salomon X-drive 8.0 FS? Found them surprisingly easy to ski, especially compared to the older XT 800 (XT, does that stand for Xross Country Tank? It should...)

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Fire Arrow has a reputation of being on the beefy side, but cannot speak to the CA model. The MX78 will be too much at 184, and the 176's will be a bit short, both will want her to take those lessons. The Pursuits are nice skis, might go with the 700 Ti for her. The 8.0 Sollie might be too easy for someone her size who's athletic, but maybe not. You are giving somewhat contradictory info, y'know; she's a bootcamp type, very athletic, will take lessons, skis as much as many here. But then you like "surprisingly easy to ski" models like the X-Drives. Hmmm. Which is it? 

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She is athletic. But at the moment, her skills might be insufficient to go for a ski that matches her physique.. That's the problem. 


This entire case is one big contradiction, that's the challenge. (Not just for fun though, she really does exist and is in the market for her first pair of non-rental skis).

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OK, understand it seems a challenge. But here's why I'm pushing on this: If she's an intermediate, which you say, and if she's skiing as much as you say, and if she's as athletic as you say, then she's a good match for the majority of Epic male members who are tall and lean. Not to mention a candidate to be a WNBA center. So if all of what you've told us is true, IMO you're selling her short. She can thrive on a moderately flexy unisex ski that demands some degree of ability. My wife started skiing her MX88's when she was an intermediate, for Christ's Sakes, and her instructors weren't throwing up their hands and saying she was on the wrong skis. I'm not advocating putting your friend on experts-only sticks, if you look at the suggestions. Just don't maneuver her into some noodles that'll underwhelm her in two seasons. Having a ski fold up on you at speed or lose its grip can be just as scary as a ski that takes some concentration to turn quickly. OTOH, if she's constitutionally timid, or actually a beginner, or frightened of skiing, whatever, then by all means get her some forgiving cruisers and all good.
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I see your point and I take it, gladly. Nothing more frustrating than having bought a ski that you've grown out of in a week or two.

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So, I think I've narrowed it down to Fischer Motive 80 (182), Atomic Redster LT (182) of Fischer Progressor F19 (182). 


Specs-wise, I can find hardly any differences between the Progressor F19 and the 'old' Progressor 900. Only in price, there is about a € 200 euro difference, so that's worth asking this question. Apart from some branding and cosmetic changes, does the new F19 ski very different from the old 900? I have only skied the F19 myself, so I can't make the comparison. Anyone?

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