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Bindings too wide?

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Ok, sorry I realize there are probably a lot of these threads, but I want to know your opinions on this:


So recently, I purchased skis that were 78 at the waist, and the guy reccommended bindings for me. However, they were 97 mm bindings, which were too wide. I wasn't actually at the store, my older brother was, so I was just texting him what to do (lol probably wasn't a good idea). Anyways, the sales rep insisted that the bindings had to be at least 90 mm to fit, and ultimately told me that he was going to order 95 mm bindings which would fit "perfectly" on my 78 waisted ski. Well since I couldn't communicate well, and was very busy, I just said go ahead and do it to my brother, and he agreed. Now I have a pair of skis with rather wide bindings. Now when folded up they actually aren't a problem, because they fold very well inwards and upwards, so I have no trouble if I were to go skiing. However, my skis won't actually stay together when I try to carry them, and the bindings look very clunky. So my question is, is it worth it to try and get narrower bindings changed out? I found 85 mm brakes of the same model for just 40 bucks online, I could buy them and get them changed. I personally want to but I'm not sure if it is worth all that effort if it won't affect the skiing part itself.


Also another detail I want to point out: The 97 and 95 mm brakes are IDENTICAL they are the same model, I guess one is marketed as 97 and the other as 95 or something, but they are the same and we were charged an additional 40$ and had to wait an extra 2 weeks for that.


I'm not sure if the store owes me anything but I am planning to ask if they can at least do something about charging us so much for no difference.

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Get some ski ties!  You should be able to get some at any ski shop.

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If the brakes fold up and inward and they don't hang over the edge when you're skiing, there isn't much problem. Get a strap or something to hold your skis together when you're storing them. My fat skis are too wide to really hold together by the brakes when they're just sitting around, so I cut up an old bike innertube and tied two loops out of it. One loop goes over the tips and the other over the tails when I'm not skiing, and it holds them together perfectly well.

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Here's what they look like:

As you can see I would have to lay some pretty ridiculous edge angles outside of my skill level to make those brakes touch. However, I think if I were to attempt a sudden stop on steep terrain there might be a chance, or on some weirdly shaped moguls.
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Regarding photos all looks fine to me.  Some brakes tuck up more than others, but you won't have any issues skiing those.  Maybe for fun you can try to get way up on edge and see if you can rub them on the snow!  Good luck!   Really, your going to be fine.  

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Some brakes interlock better than others.  I don't think width is particularly to blame.  For my family's skis, I've been known to bend the brakes a bit to get them to mate as desired.

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I had an issue with some brakes on my Rictors. The camber seems much higher than some of my other skis and the brakes, in addition, were a tad tight. The combo means that I have a tough time getting the skis to lock together. I took a Dremel and took some of the inner edge off the plastic brake tips, helping them to clear the ski better and it also helped with the locking, but they still don't mate as well as my other skis. Fortunately I have ski straps.
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