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In remembrance of Walt Kelly

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Mister Middle in the meadow
Riddled round with rain,
Puzzle you the pitter pat
what not goes up again?
Riddle you the little dew,
and little do you do?
Little did is little done,
'though little did'll do.

Oh, in the land where none are known
To neatly knot the gnu,
I met a mealy moustache
Upon a kangaroo.
"Oh, moustache dear,"
I sang so clear,
"Why do you slowly grow
Upon that lip like a buggy whip
and twinkle to and fro'?"
"Oh, I am like the mistletoe,"
The moustache murmured low.
"I can not choose the place or face
Where I would wish to grow.
Perhaps some day if I grow neat
(I'll measure, maybe, ninety feet -
For each foot I'll have five toes)
I'll LEAVE this life beneath the nose!"

The gentle journey jars to stop.
The drifting dream is done.
The long gone goblins lie ahead.
The deadly, that we thought were dead,
Stand waiting - every one.
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Thanks Oboe. I needed that.
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I go Pogo

"Deck us all with Boston Charlie,
Walla Walla Washington and Kalamazoo,
Nora's freezing on the trolley,
Swaller, holler, cauliflower, alley-garoo"

and more...

(since it's from memory, I may not have it correct, but it's what I sing)
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Wally Wally Baloo to Kalamazoo?

Noras sleeping on the trolley?
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PH has it purty durn close to rite

Pepi la Pue?

Churchy la Femme?
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