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State Laws for Planing Soles of Ski Boots? (Atomic Redster WC 170 Lifted Boot)

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Recently bought some Atomic Redster WC 170 Lifted Boots in 26 mondo shell.  2014 model.




Nice boot, very snug (not quite as snug as Dobie 26), feels like a 150 flex of other plug-type models.  Fits like a race boot should.




Spoke to local ski store in Chicago (if you live in Chicago you can probably guess correctly who it is).  Shop told me that shops in IL are not allowed to plane boot soles as that makes them liable like a manufacturer.  Advice was to drive north to WI to get this done.  Stated IL was only state in country that had this rule - shop didn't have machine to do this as a result of this "law".


Has anyone ever heard of these state laws before?  Does this sound right?  Why would state, with all its issues, get involved in ski boots?


I guess I can possibly get this done in Montana - maybe @sibhusky can help with favorite shop in Stumptown for boot work.


Thanks for time and input.

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The boot does not require planing, unless you do. The toe and heel lugs need to be cut down so that they will fit into bindings.
The extra plastic is there so that if you do need canting, you will not need to add a lifter and run into potential stand height issues.
Anyone who does specialty boot service will have this equipment if they are at all serious.

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as Jim says the boot needs cutting back, but not planing (unless there is a cant issue) again as he says plates recomended as it will give you a sacrificial sole unit if you are walking any distance


now i am not a legal brain, nor do i inhabit the USA but i somehow smell a shop who just can't do the job so is making up laws to make them sound knowledgeable


find a good fitter who works with race boots, i am sure they will be more than willing to help 

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I did a web search of laws about sole planing. I found nothing. I've never heard of such a law. It seems very unlikely.
Ship the boots to us at BootDoctors in Telluride and we can router them for you.
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For clarity, the boots just need to be routered to DIN specifications - not completely planned. 


Obviously lifts can be added but assume that is not completely necessary. 


Good overview of the process in the viedo below. 




Since this cannot be done in IL (seemingly), I will have done in MT in the weeks ahead.


Thanks again for notes on this topic.



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I also am not a lawyer, but I am sure that if there is a law in IL, it wouldn't be directly about "ski boot sole planing". I'll bet it is something along the lines of modifications to manufactured items making you now liable as a manufacturer. Or, modifying 'safety equipment' makes you liable to injury that results, where the DIN sole would be seen as part of the binding system.


I can see where this could be a major barrier to doing service that wouldn't bring in much $$ and could become a MAJOR nightmare.

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That's probably correct- can't be a law aimed at ski boots. Also gets shop out of maintaining router workbench.

Anyway, had this taken care of yesterday in Whitefish (thanks @sibhusky) so think I am all set now.

Thanks for all the posts on this.
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