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Ski for teenager

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I need to find a pair of used skis for my son that don't break the bank. I know he will likely only get one year out of them, so I like to buy used so I can turn them to minimize loss. He is barely 14 yrs old, 5'6" tall and 135 lbs. he's grown up skiing 15-20 days a year. However he is still on the timid side of his group of friends. He mostly stays on groom but if the other kids get off, he definitely goes too. We ski mostly at squaw valley with 1 week in Utah. I'm thinking 160 ish all mountain ski that's easy to turn. Any recommendations out there?
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No particular ski, but is a good resource for used demo skis at good prices.  I bought some from them for my son when he was a teenager.

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