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Halloween costumes

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I had a kid last night come to the door dressed in rags and begging for food. I told him I loved his hobo costume. He said "No. I'm a snowboarder!".

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I met a lady at a Halloween dance and asked her if she was dressed up as Phylis Diller. The answer was NO!, she was Rainbow or something. I couldn't quite hear over the laughter from her friend.


I asked her friend (who I thought was Little Bo Peep, but in fact she was Raggedy Ann) to dance.

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Wiener's Circle Goes All Out for Halloween With 'Coming to America' Getup



One of my son's older friends was asking for candy just wearing his regular 9th grade clothes, t-shirt, jeans, Vans.  I handed him a snickers and said "what a great poser costume" :p  Thirty minutes later he returned with his little sister.  He was wearing a really great costume, mask, black long robe etc, but the same Vans.  I said "Hey.,that monster stole Charlie's shoes!"

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