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New ski recommendation?

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I have been a happy user of Atomic Race Ti SL for the last 5 years. Now it's time to change.


As you know, these skis are beginner race skis. I think Redster ST is the closest ski in the current lineup. Anyways, I need a ski recommendation. I'm not limited to Atomic by the way.


But I'm not as fit as I used to be. I'm still looking for a good ski but not very high-end, advanced racers. 


Additional info:


  1. Where in the world are you skiing? French Alps

  2. What kinds of terrain do you prefer (groomed runs, moguls, race course, park'n'pipe, trees, steeps, backcountry/sidecountry) groomed runs

  3. How many days a year do you ski? 10-12

  4. How advanced are you as a skier? I'd say advanced but definitely not a pro 

  5. What's your height and weight? 180 cm, 76 kg


I'll be using this ski as my only ski.

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Given that your location has sufficient vertical to enjoy some larger than slalom radius turns, I think you would be happy with a one-step down from FIS race ski in a slightly longer radius.  Radius between 15 and 20, waist width under 75 mm.  In order of short to long radi.


Stockli Laser SX

Kästle RX 12

Head Worldcup Rebels i. Speed

Fischer RC4 Worldcup RC

Nordica Dobermann GSR Plate


If you really want to make nothing but tight turns down a mountain, then recs would change.

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5'11", 168# to us here in the colonies.


With all the rental shops in the Alps, demo, demo, demo until you find what you really like.  I demo'ed a pair of Head i.Supershape Rally (red stripe) skis and fell in love with them.  The Speed version (yellow stripe) is narrower and more technical...try both.  And try all the ones Ghost listed as well as anything you find.  No one knows what will be just right for you until you find out for yourself.  The difference between equally top quality, equally suitable skis of different makes & models & lengths is huge.  Try the 163 cm length; you're light.  Also try the 170 and see which performs best for you.  We know that as skis in any model line are made longer, they're also made stiffer.  The right length/stiffness responds to the energy the skier puts into them.  I'm 6', 185#, and the 170s in these skis work great for me.

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Well, from what you've mentioned I don't think you could go much wrong with the Rossignol Hero ST Ti (or the non Ti if you think it's too stiff.

Easy to find in the French Alps.

Also if you ski big regions I would consider the LT (long turn) versions.

Kinda Lighter than the other top racing skis (D2 SL from Atomic, for example)
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