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Too Many Options

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Let me start by saying I have followed many of the posts here on the board and appreciate all the assistance being offered.

Now to my issue/problem: There's so much good info it's hard to apply. I'm 6'4, 235lbs. and have been skiing off and on for 15 years - none consistently due to moving all over the country numerous times. In the past few years I've managed to squeeze in a few good trips west but ski mainly in the east. For the last few years I've been renting.

Now, I want new skis. I can't help but feel that inconsistent equipment is doing more harm than good. Due to some old injuries, I'm not looking to tear up the moguls or go extreme, but I like a challenging run now and again. Been staying mostly to the groomed primarily due to lack of confidence - in all, a mediocre skier. Any advice of a good all-around ski?
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SIR! You are made to marry the Dynastar Intuitiv 71 in 182 cm length. Period.

Great on the groomed. But if you happen to get into deeper stuff - it WORKS! Easy, easy, easy to turn, short and long - but feels like it's on railroad tracks in long turns at speed. Solid, solid, solid. Inspires confidence. Why don't I own it? Because it's not quick enough edge to edge for trees . . . but it feels SO solid, SO dreamy in everything else. Truth is, I'm married to the Rossignol Bandit XX . . . but if I had a little squeeze on the side, it'd be the Intuitiv 71.

EDIT: P.S. Like you, I am a truly mediocre skier. Unlike you, I weigh 153, consistently, on the balance scale at my racquet club locker room, and I stand 5'8" tall. I like the Dynastar Intuitiv 71 in 167 and the Bandit XX in 170.

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Linkster, just a few questions:

Are your present boots more than three seasons old?

Do they have custom footbeds ?

Have you ever been aligned ?

Have you had your alignment, custom insoles, and boot fit checked by a well qualified bootfitter recently?

If you answered "yes" to the first fquestion and "no" to any of the last three questions then you know what you ahve to do before you think about skis.

A good ski shop that understands how you ski, can give you some advice on skis to try, or possible rent for the upcoming season.

As to a ski; one with dimensions of 95-70-95 +or- 5 mm. is a good place to start, and because of your weight probably at least a 180 cm. ski length. But you will need to demo to find out if it is 175,180, or 185 cm as the right length for you in that ski.
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YES to wink's remarks about boots - absolutely!

NO to wink's remarks about ski dimesions and length - because every model is different, using length and side cut to achieve different results. I would strongly try to steer away from choosing skis on the basis of length snd side cut. The posts on this web site, togther with judicious demoing, will reveal far more than listed dimensions.
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Thanks for all the advice. As for boots, the answer to question 1 is actually "No". My boots are actually rather new. I have Salomon Performa 7s. Knew long ago that I needed a boot that works for me before I worry about skis. Thanks again for the advice.

By the way, found a great deal on Dynastar Intuitive 71s and picked up a pair. Your advice coupled with the fact that I'd heard the same in numerous shops and from others I trust (plus the price I paid) told me to take a chance. We'll see. Lets all hope for a good winter!!!
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linkster01, please let us know how this works out. I believe you'll be very happy with them if you got the right length. uh . . . so, what's the length of these new beauties?

By the way, feel free to contact me anytime on my own e-mail, bgreene@law66.com
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