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Denver Vehicle Rentals...

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Ultimately, some phone calls might answer my questions but I thought I'd toss the question out in case there's a stone I haven't thought of...


I'm moving 5 people and all our gear from Denver to Vail.  Thinking probably a Tahoe (because of the gear, not because of the 5 people).  I found semi-decent pricing on a Tahoe, but if I cast my net a little wider, going off-airport and grabbing a quad-cab pick-up saves me about $500 (6 day rental).  I haven't made any calls but the first things I'd need to determine is do they have an airport shuttle and is it a 4x4.  Obviously we'd have to sneak a tarp into my buddy's girlfriend's luggage.  


Years ago, on a trip to Fernie in interior British Columbia, which was by way of Calgary airport, I found an off-airport rental agency who's primary season was the summer where they rented RVs to travelers, but their inventory also included 4x4 pickups with caps!  What a find that was.  And cheap -- they were happy to hear from me.  Anything like that exist in the Denver area?? 

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I've never tried the car share services, but they have quite an array of vehicles available.



Ace is off airport and rents full size vans.  You take the hotel shuttle and it's a little less efficient than a regular rental agency.

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Thanks Shred -- I completely forgot all about that angle -- I almost didn't post the question and I'm so glad I did.


We were on the verge of renting a Tahoe (whacking it 5 ways) for $849 (a 6-day rental).  I found a Toyota Tacoma crew-cab 4x4 pickup with a cap, a cargo box, and a ski rack, for $258 (which would have been $60 less if I wanted to bother ubering us and all our gear to wherever the owner is).    With 4 snowboards and 3 sets of skis, it's a better solution than the big Tahoe would have been, regardless of price.


A lot of interesting cars, too.  Porsche Panamerica with a ski rack, anyone?  LOL.

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