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FS: MikeC cleans out the gear closet- Adult Gear from POC, Pret, Flylow, Intuition, and K2

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I've got some ski gear that I'd like to clear out to make room for new stuff.  All prices include shipping to the lower 48, but will ship to AK for additional fee.  Prices are negotiable within reason, but I've tried to be more than fair with my pricing so don't try to beat me up too much.  Feel free to ask any questions you may have.


Payment via PayPal.


$60- Pret Cynic Helmet- Adult Size M- New without box. Very nice Pret helmet that I was hoping would fit me, but it's just a bit too small.  Size adult medium which fits heads from 55-59cm.  Sizing seems to be accurate since my head measures 59.5cm and it's just barely too small for me.  Helmet is very lightweight, has great venting and has a dial based system to adjust the sizing.


Here's more info on the helmet from Skis.com:  









$50- POC Frontal Helmet- Size L-XL.  Used (~40 days) adult helmet fro POC in an unusual dark red/orange color.  Love this helmet, but had a hard time teaching while wearing it because the helmet covers my ears completely.  Ears covered is great for protection when you're skiing, but not so great for hearing a 5 year old when he's talking to you in the beginner bowl.  Helmet shows a few dings on the exterior, but has no apparent damage to the interior padding.  I never took a hard fall in it and the dings are from carrying it in my ski bag and storing it in my locker with lots of other gear.  Will ship in original box with the helmet bag and paperwork.  Sizing for POC is accurate and this helmet is sized to fit from 59-62cm heads.  Has adjustable venting and a velcro size adjustment system.  Great helmet, but I need something different for teaching in, and am planning to get the POC Fornix instead.









$100- Salomon Quest 14 Boots- Size 25.5 Mondo.  Used (~30 days) Salomon Quest 14 ski boots in good condition.  Skied these for most of last season, but have since upgraded to K2 Pinnacles so I don't need these any longer.  These are designed with a walk mode which was great when I was teaching and allowed me to move around without my skis on much more easily than a traditional ski boot.  I don't think I'd want to do any major ski touring in these, but would be fine for short tours or side country use.  Boots are in good shape and ship with the original liners.  I did modify the liners a bit by taking out the elastic holding down the tongue and by softening the hard instep area of the tongue with a dremel tool to alleviate some pressure I was having on the top of my foot.  Nothing has been done to the shells other than I did drill out the rivets for the powerstraps because I put Booster straps on these.  Original powerstraps are back on the boots and will function well without the rivets.  I did wear away a bit of the boot overlap while drilling out the rivets as you can see in the last picture, but it doesn't effect boot performance at all.


Overall these were good boots for me and they have lots of life left.  I didn't like the stock liners much and only skied with them for about 10-15 days before replacing them with Intuitions.  The Intuition Powerwraps I used are also for sale below if you are interested.







$50- K2 Precision Fit Liners by Intuition- Size 25.5 Mondo.  Got these K2 liners to try out in the Salomon boots, but they were a bit too soft for my liking.  These are like new and were only skied 1 day and never heat fitted.  They were originally from a pair of K2 Spyre 110 women's boots.  These are made by Intuition for K2 and are a high quality heat moldable liner.






$50- Intuition Powerwrap Liners- Size 25 Mondo.  Used Intuition Powerwraps which have been skied in about 25-30 days and have been moulded twice.  These are well used, but are still in good condition and should be able to be moulded at least 2-3 more times.  Super warm and comfortable liner which can be used in a wide variety of alpine and telemark boots.






$25- Flylow Ridge Gloves- Size Adult L.  Used pair of Flylow Ridge Gloves in excellent condition with no cracks or rips.  These have been skied in about 10-15 days and are in great shape.  Gloves have been regularly treated with Hestra glove treatment to keep the leather in good shape.  They are adult size Large and fit true to size.  Flylow size L equates to about a 9 or 10 in Hestra sizing.




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Bump. Make me an offer. This stuff needs to go.

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Nice stuff in my size (except the helmet).  Don't "need" but would test drive and likely drive home the boots and gloves from Blue Knob if they are still available at end of season prices hahahaha.


Somebody buy this stuff.  MikeC's a great guy and only sells very gently used stuff at great prices.


If there are no takers bring it up in February and I will likely take something back to NC with me.

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