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East Coast PGP Ski (Powder,Glades, Park/Play)

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Hey guys I recently made a post looking for info on a good one ski quiver for the east coast here  (http://www.epicski.com/t/143184/first-time-buying-skis-whats-the-best-mid-atlantic-one-ski-quiver)

And from that post I realized that one ski cannot do it all. So I decided to buy a used pair of 2010 Nordica Hot Rod Nitrous Ca's in a 162 length as my carving/icy ski. I don't know much about these ski's but the price was right and they have pretty decent reviews and with a narrow waist they should be a good carver and hopefully do well in the crud too.  And now that I have this ski for the ice I'm going to be looking for a ski with a bias towards powder days and tree skiing  and hopefully the ability to have some fun too skiing switch, buttering, and some jumps nothing too crazy. I have a few ski's in my head so If you guys could let me know what you think about them or if there are any other models I should be looking at that would be great.

About me:
1. Ski area Mid Atlantic Poconos as home range, trips to Vermont, trip to colorado
2. Like to ski all terrian but looking for Powder/ Tight Northeast trees/ some park use ski
3. About 21 days of skiing I'm looking forward to this season.
4. Advanced Intermediate Skiier 
5. 5'8.5", 160-175lbs

What I'm looking for:
1. Rocker tip and tail with underfoot camber
2. Small turn radius for tight New England glades
3. Twin tips 
4. Ability to use them as a one ski quiver in all conditions except heavy ice
5. Good flotation in powder 85-100mm waist width?
6. Good durability
7.Light weight

Skis that have me really interested.
1. Icelantic Pioneer: 95mm waist width rockered tip and tails 15-17m turn radius and lightweight and twin tips, this ski definitely has me interested.
2. Salamon q85: similar to ski listed above
3. Volkl Bridge: All rocker ski not to sure how it would do on the ice coast but definitely on my radar
4: Line Sick Day 95: not sure if this ski would be to stiff for eastern glades
5: K2 Shredditor 92: 
6: Atomic Vantage 90 cti: 
7 4frnt Kye 95
8. Line Prophet 90

So what do you guys think about my list, I really like the pioneers, but all these skis seem good to me is any of these stand out as the ski that would suite my needs, or would a different ski suite my needs best? 

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The Atomic 90CTi is a very good ski but it is not a twin tip and IIRC the Prophet 90 isn't either(might be wrong). A good ski for what you want would be the Salomon Rocker2 92, but you would likely have to find it used as it was discontinued a few seasons back. A current ski you should add to your list is the Nordica Soul Rider, 97mm waist, tip and tail rocker, real twin tip(not just a slightly turned up tail), camber underfoot, turn radius in the 169cm version is 14.5m and 16.5m in the 177cm version. The Soul Rider has been my favorite ski to demo for the like three years. I go to a one day demo at Big Sky every year with Nordica, Salomon and Atomic and whenever the ski I want next isn't available I've hopped on the Soul Riders. They are just plain fun to ski. I've skied them in bumps, trees, pretty hard groomers and 8-9" of powder. I finally decided that I had to own a pair so now I do. I wouldn't recommend getting the 169 because they do ski short, probably feel like a 160. I'm 5'7", 150 pounds and I love the 177 Soul Rider. I now own three Nordica skis and every one of them is my favorite in their class
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As mentioned above, definitely check out the Nordica Soul Rider.  It's a great all around ski and will outperform every ski you listed in terms of park use, maybe the Shredditor being the exception...  


The Blizzard Regulator should also be on your list.  I have yet to ski it, but from all the reviews and talking to reps, industry folk, etc. it's supposed to be a great ski for what you're describing.  



I would also check out the Rossignol Slat.  It's a ski often overlooked, but it's a great ski.  It's a little longer turn radius than the Soul Rider, but it's not crazy by any means.

http://www.skiessentials.com/2015-rossignol-slat-skis.html  (Those are last year's, but no change for the current ski and those are 50% off)


Hopefully that doesn't confuse things even more... but I really think you should at least consider those three skis before pulling the trigger.  

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Let me give a few general points of advice on this topic, as I've been a Mid Atlantic skier in the past, I live in Vermont, and I do a lot of the same type of skiing you're looking to do. 


First off, a 95 waist is probably a good ballpark for what you're looking for. You already have a hard snow ski, you want something a touch wider than 85 to play with. 100 is really stretching, I definitely wouldn't go above that, especially if you want to be using this in the park. Unfortunately, a park ski is generally relatively narrow, whereas a good powder ski is obviously fairly fat. So the compromise between the two lands you in the low to mid 90's for a waist width. 


As far as a short turn radius, not quite as important as you may think. Your Nordicas have a 13.5 radius, don't even bother looking for anything in that ballpark. My daily driver tree ski has a 22m radius, my powder ski is a 26m. The simple fact is, you don't need a real short radius in pow and trees, because you're not carving. A longer radius ski works better for skidding and smearing and slarving, because it doesn't want to hook up as badly as a shorter radius. 


Rocker... I know rocker is all the rage right now, but don't buy in too hard to it. Keep in mind, the bulk of your ski time is going to be spent in the Poconos, where powder is more commonly snorted on the lift than seen on the trails. Something with some early rise tip rocker, but cambered through the rest of its length will be just fine for your needs. 


Durability/ light weight... pick one. If you want a bomber ski for trees, its going to be heavy. If you want a feather light helicopter blade for the park, its going to be a lot more delicate. I'd err more towards heavy and durable, but that's just me. 

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If you are still around, what did you choose?  I demoed the Pioneer yesterday (along with the Line SN and Volkl Ninety8) and really liked some things about it.  Best in the trees of the three and fun but not as stable everywhere else.

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How was the Pioneer on groomers? I am really interested in this ski, but I am wondering how much chatter it gives at high speeds. 

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